Year: 2017
Direction: Maayan Arad
Production: Khaled Gad and Maayan Arad
Location: India
Duration: 42 minutes

As the first group of Tibetan nuns prepare to be awarded the prestigious Geshema degree, a young Indian nun, Chomo, reflects on her life and future.

A shark without teeth

Year: 2016
Direction: Maayan Arad
Production: Maayan Arad
Locations: Israel, The Netherlands
Duration: 30 minutes

A personal investigation into the far-reaching consequences of the dubious life choices of a lost grandfather.

Guardian of the valley

Year: 2014
Direction: Maayan Arad
Production: Ten Thirty
Location: Israel
Duration: 17 minutes

The story of a herder who has spent his life fighting to preserve his lifestyle and the environment in Jerusalem, a city constantly expanding in all directions.

Zumba que zumba

Year: 2013
Direction: Maayan Arad and Peter Schimke
Production: Ten Thirty
Location: The Netherlands
Duration: 2 minutes

Almudena Rubio (voice) and Maayan Arad (guitar) interpret a version of the song Zumba que Zumba, by the Uruguayan duo Larbanois & Carrero.