20 Persones: Un experiment social amb gust de cafè is a collection of interviews that explores the differences and similarities of people, through a common habit - coffee drinking. This social experiment aims to find the uniqueness within each human being and, at the same time, discover the core values, worries or preferences that we all share.

I interviewed 20 very different people from my hometown, Garriguella, and asked them the exact same 10 questions to find out how different (or similar) they were. The first question: How do you drink your coffee?

And here's the metaphor of the differences that unite us: each of them likes to drink coffee, and each of them likes to drink it differently - in the morning, plain black, after lunch, in a glass, with no sugar...

Humans can be quite interesting, can't we?

Author: Lena Silva Martinez

Published: August 2018

ISBN-10: 3981992822