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Ten Thirty started with the desire to build a creative platform. We imagined an inclusive ground for words, photography and moving images alike. Ten Thirty was designed to support creative projects of various shapes and forms. Our projects and those we support are rich in meaning, nourished with passion and live of involvement of its participants.

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Maayan Arad

Peter Schimke

Peter Schimke is a writer, editor, and fiction author. He is also the founder and creative director of Ten Thirty. His first novel Beyond Blue was first published in June 2013.

Peter was born in Germany and has been living and working in Europe and Asia since. Currently located in Singapore, he divides his time between working as a Senior Content Strategist for a Singapore-based content agency and Ten Thirty. Peter holds a Master's degree in Comparative Literature (2013) from the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor's honours degree in Humanities (2012) from Amsterdam University College.

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Maayan Arad

Maayan is a storyteller, documentary director and cinematographer. He began his filmmaking career as a co-founder of Ten Thirty while studying Anthropology in Amsterdam. Maayan is also a 2017 graduate of the documentary directing MA at the National Film & Television School in the UK.

Maayan directed and shot several documentaries about a variety of subjects, exploring some of the most defining and significant decisions that fascinating characters make in life, in a subtle yet moving way. He is currently working as a freelancer in both London and Amsterdam and continue to develop new films. Maayan's latest projects include:

A Shark without Teeth 2016 | 30 min. Israel, The Netherlands

Chomo 2017 | 42 min. India

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Khaled Gad

Khaled Gad is an Egyptian and French film producer based in London, UK. Khaled studied political economy and international film studies at undergraduate-level in Amsterdam, Milan and Seoul. He pursued that with an MA in film production at the prestigious National Film and Television School (UK)
Khaled's latest film is the sci-fi drama DARK WAS THE NIGHT, directed by Sam McMullen.
Khaled's production pipeline for 2015 include the following films:
. TORN, a short stop-motion animation by director Anushka Naanayakkara (in production)
. MYI, an observational documentary by Tariq Elmeri (in production).
. A PERFECTLY NORMAL FAMILY, a short drama by acclaimed young director Malou Reymann (in pre-production).
. A LESSON, a micro-budget feature-length film by director Roland Kennedy (in post-production).
. WHITE PAINT, short drama by director Shakil Mohammed (in post-production).
. ANATOMY OF A DISAPPEARANCE, a feature film adaptation by director Shady el-Hamus (in development)

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